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2023 NBA Mock Draft4.0 After Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson, some movement in the lottery

LAS VEGAS — The top two spots are likely to stay the same leading up to the 2023 NBA draft, with 7- bottom- 4 French center Victor Wembanyama as the favored No. 1 pick and G League enkindle point guard Scoot Henderson taking the No. 1 pick. 2 niche. Where it starts to get intriguing is atNo. 3 with a sprinkle of options. Alabama's Brandon Miller is one of the stylish firing bodies in council loops. Overtime Elite's Amen Thompson and Arkansas' Nick SmithJr. are two of the stylish guards in the country. Villanova's Cam Whitmore has returned from a preseason thumb injury and is settling in well heading into conference play. He has been high on NBA draft boards since the summer.

2023 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: After Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson, some movement in the lottery

There will be plenitude of movement throughout the council season and into the draft on June 22. Then is the rearmost look at the 2023 NBA draft and Yahoo Sports' protrusions for the first round.

1 Detroit Pistons C Victor Wembanyama

Ht./Wt. 7- 4, 209 pounds Metropolitans 92( France)

Cade Cunningham is out for the rest of the season, witnessing thigh surgery, giving Jaden Ivey and Killian Hayes room for development. The Pistons presently have the worst record in the NBA at 8-26 and would love to add Wembanyama alongside Cunningham and Ivey coming season. The French phenom is presently comprising 22.6 points, nine rebounds and three blocks per game in the game and is dominating the Betclic Elite League as one of the youthful players on the court.

2. Charlotte Hornets G Scoot Henderson

Ht./Wt. 6- 3, 196 pounds G League enkindle

Henderson has been sidelined with a nose fracture and concussion for over a month and is planning on returning to the court soon.” I am just taking my time and getting my meter back to get back on the court,” Henderson told Yahoo Sports. Prior to being sidelined, Henderson was comprising 21.2 points, 5.8 assists and 4.5 rebounds per game. One of his most emotional jaunts was in a palm over Santa Cruz where he recorded a career-high 16 assists and added 18 points and six rebounds in 35 twinkles.

3. Houston Rockets G/F Brandon Miller

Ht./Wt. 6-9, 200 pounds Class beginner| Alabama

Miller lately scored 36 points, including six 3-pointers, in a close loss to Gonzaga. It's the most points scored by any beginner this season. Miller is presently comprising 19.3 points per game, shooting 44 from deep. His size and skill set at the sect position make him an interesting prospect within the top five.

4. San Antonio Spurs G Amen Thompson

Ht./Wt. 6- 7, 200 pounds Overtime Elite

Thompson is comprising 27 points per 40 twinkles and had his stylish game on Dec. 9 where he posted 23 points and eight assists. Amen is the better playmaker out of the binary sisters, and both players are working on developing their outside muumuu previous to entering the league coming time.

Both Ausar and I know we're not going to be suitable to get to the them fluently in the league, so we've been veritably purposeful this last time working on our floater, working on our pull-up muumuu off the title, getting more comfortable in those areas," Amen told Yahoo Sports. "I try to apply it in game situations too just to develop that habit."

5. Washington Wizards G Nick Smith Jr.

Ht./Wt. 6- 5, 185 pounds Class beginner| Arkansas

SmithJr. has been sidelined indefinitely with right knee operation after missing the first six games of the season with a minor injury. SmithJr. has done enough to shut it down, with scouts getting a solid look at the 6- bottom- 5 guard during high academy each- star games and preseason play. SmithJr. equaled 19.6 points in three games returning to the court and is a solid guard, particularly off the pick-and-roll option, making the right read whether that is the redundant pass, a floater in the lane or taking the 3-point muumuu if his man goes under the screen.

Alabama forward Brandon Miller advances the ball during the first half against Houston on Dec. 10, 2022, in Houston. (AP Photo/Kevin M. Cox)

6. Orlando Magic G Ausar Thompson

Ht./Wt. 6- 7, 200 pounds Overtime Elite

Thompson plays with an inconceivable pace and is one of the stylish guards in this draft class with his athleticism and timing on blocked shots. He is comprising 17.2 points, 7.8 rebounds and 5.2 assists per game in the Overtime Elite League. While his binary family, Amen, is more comfortable as a primary ball tutor, Ausar is just as effective off the sect." Amen is more on-ball, ball-dominant, like a point and I'm more comfortable coming off the sect ,” Ausar told Yahoo Sports. “I can run the point, but I feel like I can produce further for myself and teammates off the sect.”

7. New Orleans Pelicans G Cam Whitmore

Ht./Wt. 6- 7, 205 pounds Class beginner| Villanova

Whitmore had his stylish game of the season so far in palm over Penn where he posted 21 points and seized six rebounds on 24 twinkles. The 6- bottom- 7 guard is a fat arranger with great size who helped lead Team USA to a gold order in the FIBA U18 Americas Championship this once summer. He is changing his meter after returning

Whitmore had his stylish game of the season so far in a palm over Penn where he posted 21 points and seized six rebounds in 24 twinkles. The 6- bottom- 7 guard is a fat arranger with great size who helped lead Team USA to a gold order in the FIBA U18 Americas Championship this once summer. He is chancing his meter after returning from a thumb injury and is one of the stylish guards in the Big East.

8. Orlando Magic G/ F Dillon Mitchell

Ht./ Wt. 6- 8, 200 pounds| Class beginner| Texas

Mitchell's product off the block has been limited at Texas with the shooters the Longhorns have on the border and has yet to essay a 3- point field thing this season. Mitchell is a high- position answer, particularly on the obnoxious side of the glass and is a raw, athletic player who has a ton of downside as an NBA prospect.

9. Toronto Raptors F Jarace Walker

Ht./ Wt. 6- 8, 240 pounds| Class beginner| Houston

Walker has the utmost NBA-ready body in this draft class and is a protean big who can step out and play on the sect or drop down in the post in a small- ball lineup. brigades in the lottery will value his size and capability to pass off the pick- and- roll option off the border.

10. Oklahoma City Thunder G Gradey Dick

Ht./ Wt. 6- 8, 205 pounds| Class beginner| Kansas

Dick is one of the fastest rising newcomers of the season, comprising15.4 points in the last five games. Dick is a protean guard who can be plugged in at any position along the border and is a high- position protector off the pick- and- roll switch, averaging1.5 steals for the season. His stylish game was in a palm over Indiana where he recorded 20 points, six rebounds and five steals.

11. Golden State soldiers G Keyonte George

Ht./ Wt. 6- 4, 185 pounds| Class beginner| Baylor

George is a three- position arranger who's comfortable firing from anywhere on the court. His shot selection from deep requirements to ameliorate, shooting just 32 from 3- point range, and comprising eight attempts from behind the bow in the last four games. The quintet guard has bettered his body since the summer, dropping 14 pounds and adding muscle mass heading into the council season.

12. Atlanta jingoists G Anthony Black

Ht./ Wt. 6- 7, 196 pounds| Class beginner| Arkansas

With Trevon Brazile and SmithJr. out for the Razorbacks, Black's traces on offense have significantly increased. The beginner out of Texas has great size and is getting more comfortable with the pace of the council game, comprising12.5 points and only two successions in the last two games.

13. Utah Jazz G Cason Wallace

Ht./ Wt. 6- 4, 185 pounds| Class beginner| Kentucky

Wallace is the stylish on- ball protector in council basketball, forcing2.5 steals per game this season. The 6- bottom- 4 guard is getting more comfortable playing off the ball as the secondary ball tutor and lately recorded a season-high 27 points and nine assists in a palm over Florida A&M.

14. New York Knicks G Jett Howard

Ht./ Wt. 6- 8, 215 pounds| Class beginner| Michigan

Howard has great size for a border guard at 6- bottom- 8. He continues to be harmonious from behind the bow, shooting 41 from deep. Howard's side swiftness remains an area of enhancement, but with his size and skill set at just 19 times old, there is a lot to like about Juwan Howard's son as a possible pick in the reverse of the lottery.

Post Lottery

15 Miami Heat Toronto Raptors G Terquavion Smith

Ht./ Wt. 6- 4, 165 pounds| Class Sophomore| NC State

16. Indiana Bellwethers FG.G. Jackson

Ht./ Wt. 6- 9, 220 pounds| Class beginner| South Carolina

17. Chicago Bulls G Dariq Whitehead

Ht./ Wt. 6- 8, 220 pounds| Class beginner| Duke

18. Utah Jazz F Kris Murray

Ht./ Wt. 6- 8, 220 pounds| Class Junior| Iowa

19. New York Knicks CKel'el Ware

Ht./ Wt. 7- 1, 225 pounds| Class beginner| Oregon

20. Sacramento lords F Noah Clowney

Ht./ Wt. 6- 10, 210 pounds| Class beginner| Alabama

21. Los Angeles Clippers C Kyle Filipowski

Ht./ Wt. 7- 0, 230 pounds| Class beginner| Duke

22. Phoenix Suns G/ F Maxwell Lewis

Ht./ Wt. 6- 7, 195 pounds| Class Sophomore| Pepperdine

23. Brooklyn Nets G Brice Sensabaugh

Ht./ Wt. 6- 6, 235 pounds| Class beginner| Ohio State

24. Los Angeles Lakers G Rayan Rupert

Ht./ Wt. 6- 7, 192 pounds| New Zealand Breakers

25. Utah Jazz G Jordan Hawkins

Ht./ Wt. 6- 5, 195 pounds| Class Sophomore| Connecticut

26. Memphis Grizzlies G/ F Taylor Hendricks

Ht./ Wt. 6- 9, 210 pounds| Class beginner| UCF