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Elon Musk says he'll abdicate as Twitter's CEO when he finds a relief

druggies said in an informal bean on the social media point that he should step down.

Elon Musk will step down as Twitter’s CEO after he finds someone “ foolish ” enough to replace him, he said Tuesday.

In a tweet, Musk said he'll remain at the company to run its software and waiters brigades.

Musk posted an informal bean on the social media point days ago asking druggies whether he should step down from the position and promising to abide by the results.

Of further than17.5 million votes,57.5 were in favor of Musk’s abdication. About 42 were against the move.

Musk, whose accession of the company for$ 44 billion was perfected in October, said in court last month that he anticipated to reduce his time at Twitter and find someone differently to run it “ over time.

After he posted the bean, Musk twittered “ No bone wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive. There's no successor. ”

Musk made the advertisement amid a shower of review of his operation of the company, which has been accompanied by mass layoffs, the dormancies of intelligencers and a policy that barred druggies from posting links to other social media platforms.

Musk, who has described himself as a “ free speech absolutist, ” apologized for the link policy, saying major changes would n’t be at the company without a vote.

Three twinkles latterly, he asked druggies whether he should abdicate.