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Shipping companies brace for harsh downtime rainfall with' contingency plans' to help gifts arrive on time for the leaves

 Despite prognosticated tempestuous rainfall, carriers will transport a combined 100 million packages a day this week leading up to Christmas.

With tempestuous downtime rainfall cast for important of the country this week, New Hampshire occupant Laurie Boswell said she can sleep easy because she transferred her Californian son’s Christmas gift with time to spare during the busy shipping season.

“ I did all my Christmas ordering early — we do n’t like to miss, ” said Boswell, 67, who's from Franconia, New Hampshire, but spoke Tuesday from midtown Manhattan in New York.

Present procrastinators, Boswell said, who packed gifts to their loved bones this week may not be so lucky, still.

“ Anyhow of the storm, you could still be in trouble, ” she said. “ You do n’t want any last- nanosecond glitches that could ruin the leaves. ”

Satish Jindel, the author and chairman of ShipMatrixInc., which tracks the shipping assiduity and its effectiveness, said carriers like Amazon, FedEx, UPS and theU.S. Postal Service will be dispatching on average a concerted 100 million packages a day this week leading up to Christmas.

“ That’s a lot of packages moving each across the country, ” Jindel said.

He said about 70 million packages are packed in a typical day in the fall.

Jindel said that this time during their busiest season, carriers face the fresh handicap of working around Mother Nature’s wrath.

A blast of arctic air from Canada is anticipated to bring “ life- hanging ” cold to corridor of theU.S. in the lead- up to Christmas, rainfall foretellers have advised.

A strong arctic high- pressure system extending from western Canada to the northern Plains is anticipated to bring “ veritably cold air ” across the region while extending into corridor of the Pacific Northwest this week, the National Weather Service said. As of Tuesday morning, 46 million people were under downtime cautions stretching from the northern Plains into the Ohio Valley.

Wind bite warnings and watches have issued across 17 countries from Washington to Texas.

Jindel said the country endured also frigid conditions shortly before Christmas in 2013. Packages arrived late or not at each, he said.

That time, ice storms plunged homes and businesses from Michigan to Maine and Canada into darkness, causing knockouts of thousands to lose power.

“ This is a memorial of what happed the final Christmas week of 2013, ” Jindel said.

Shipping carriers, still, learned to cover the rainfall and work around clusters of storms by transferring packages to areas that were more sociable to get to their final destinations, he said.