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Cowhands Doomed by Miscues Against 49ers Defense

 Dak Prescott’s interception straits continued and Dallas ’ kick missed an redundant point as the cowhands fell to the 49ers in the divisional round of theN.F.L. playoffs.

Cowboys Doomed by Miscues Against 49ers Defense

SANTA CLARA,Calif. — Throughout the season, the Dallas cowhands had been buoyed by a great defense and had to live with whichever interpretation of their quarterback, Dak Prescott, that showed up on game days.

He could incision defenses snappily like he did against the rovers in the wild- card round, when he threw for 305 yards and four touchdowns. Or Prescott could look confused and make poor opinions, like when he finished with 128 passing yards, one touchdown and one interception in the regular- season homestretch against the Commanders.

On Sunday, the cowhands got the ultimate interpretation of Prescott, as they lost to the San Francisco 49ers, 19- 12, at Levi’s Stadium in the divisional round of the playoffs. The game featured dominant protective play and the 49ers goaded Prescott into two expensive first- half interceptions.

Successions had been an issue for Prescott all season. Despite missing five games with an injured thumb, Prescott finished the regular season tied for the league lead in interceptions with 15. After Sunday’s loss, he called his interception aggregate, the loftiest of his seven- time career, “ ridiculous ” and promised that the number would noway be that high again.

“ It hurts. I ’m disappointed in my play, disappointed for the guys in the locker room, ” Prescott said after finishing with 206 yards passing, a touchdown and two interceptions.

While Prescott and the cowhands ’ offense plodded, numerous of their crimes were forced because of great plays by the 49ers ’ defense. One came on the cowhands ’ second possession of the game as Prescott tried to find Michael Gallup for a pass that was picked off by Deommodore Lenoir. The gamble came when Gallup had stopped running his route with Lenoir standing at his side. As Lenoir saw Prescott’s gamble passage suddenly, it shocked him and his “ hyena senses ” demurred in, he said. The development redounded in a field thing from Robbie Gould that gave the 49ers a 3- 0 lead.

Dallas redressed with a long scoring drive that crowned with Prescott’s 4- yard touchdown pass to tight end Dalton Schultz. also the miscues continued for the cowhands ’ kick, Brett Maher.

Maher set anN.F.L. record in the cowhands ’ win over the rovers by missing fourextra-point attempts. generally, that numerous missed kicks would mean the end of a kick’s term with a platoon. Despite adding another kick to the canon ahead of Sunday’s game, the cowhands stuck with Maher, who had missed just three redundant points in the regular season.

As Maher prepared to protest the redundant point after Dallas’s only touchdown of the game, cowhands suckers stopped swinging their blue and white apkins and sounded to hold their collaborative breath. The kick was blocked by 49ers protective end Samson Ebukam. The block kept the cowhands ’ lead within a field thing at 6- 3. In the alternate half, Maher made his two field thing attempts, the only points Dallas scored the rest of the way.

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Another crucial development came on an interception by linebacker Fred Warner in the alternate quarter. On a defense with numerous stars and the implicit protective player of the time in protective end Joey Bosa, Warner might be the most important. Throughout the game, Warner did nearly everything stopping runners in the backfield; running stride for stride with CeeDee Lamb, the cowhands ’ stylish receiver, for a pass deviation; and securing an interception. Warner was a major cause of the cowhands ’ obnoxious struggles in a alternate half in which they had only one drive that lasted more than six plays.

The 49ers looked like they were going to put the game down as they moved downfield in the fourth quarter leading by 16- 12. They ran nearly eight twinkles off the timepiece, but the cowhands ’ defense held them to a field thing, keeping the platoon’s deficiency within one score with just over three twinkles to go. Two deficient passes and a sack followed on Dallas’s coming possession. The cowhands got the ball once further with 45 seconds left but were projected on their own 6- yard line. On the final play of the game, the cowhands used a strange descent conformation that had running back Ezekiel Elliot snapping the ball to Prescott. The play ended fleetly, with the receiver being dived incontinently before he could start a chain of despair laterals.

“ Yeah veritably strange, I do n’t know if they, if they plan to be in that situation obviously, but it did n’t work veritably well, ” Warner said.

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Warner and the 49ers ’ defense had looked vulnerable in the weeks leading up to this game, allowing 34 points to the Aggressors coagulate quarterback in Week 17, and giving up 23 points to the Seahawks in the wild- card round. They were games that the protective fellow DeMeco Ryans preliminarily said fell below the platoon’s standard.

On Sunday, Warner said the 49ers ’ defense played to its eventuality.

“ For the utmost part it felt like us, man, ” Warner said. “ Obviously we know that we got to play big- time football in the playoffs have a chance to win this coming game. ”

For the 49ers, it was the first game in which the novitiate quarterback Brock Purdy, the last pick in the 2022 draft, looked flustered. The cowhands ’ pass rush constantly dragooned Purdy, who was sacked doubly. He missed several throws, including a many that should have been interdicted had they not been dropped. Purdy said after the game that his play annoyed him.

“ There’s times in the game where it’s like, man, I want to be better. I want to subsidize on third campo, and finish when we get in the red zone, ” said Purdy, who finished with 214 passing yards and no touchdowns. “ But at the same time, man, it’s theN.F.L. It’s not easy to do on your own. And so, for me, it’s like man I got to do my part. ”

But the platoon’s star- speckled supporting cast and Coach Kyle Shanahan’s play- calling did just enough against a cowhands defense that made the 49ers struggle to gain yards in ways they had n’t on their 10- game winning band to close the regular season. Running back Christian McCaffrey scored the 49ers ’ only touchdown in the third quarter, while the rest of the scoring came from four field pretensions from Gould.

The 49ers will make their alternate straight appearance in anN.F.C. crown game and their third in the last four seasons when they face the top- seeded Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday.

Jerry Jones, the cowhands ’ proprietor and general director, told journalists after the game that he allowed the platoon had an advantage in the game at quarterback, but Prescott’s struggles took it down.

“ I allowed this platoon with Dak at quarterback I allowed we had a chance to get to and contend at the top position in this event, ” Jones said. “ I really did. That was our edge then tonight I allowed . ”

The loss added to a lengthy list of painful playoff bummers for Dallas, which has just five postseason palms since last winning the Super Bowl in the 1995 season. The cowhands have zero conference crown appearances since also.