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Nancy Grace dissects exposures from the Idaho murders suspect He went in with the' intent to kill'

 Now that officers have arrested a suspect in the murder of four University of Idaho scholars, questions impend over Bryan Christopher Kohberger's motive and what's coming for the murder suspect. still, the suspect's haunting question to police has some asking whether he acted alone.


On" Hannity," Friday," Crimes Stories" host Nancy Grace anatomized Kohberger's response to officers when he asked them whether he was the only one arrested.

Grace said" that would suggest that there's an abettor ."

" Forensically, it appears that there was only one type of armament used. So what am I supposed to suppose? They handed the cutter off to each other? No. But could someone have been a lookout? Did someone help plan it? Conceivably. Conceivably. But in my mind, largely doubtful," Grace said.

Moscow Police Chief James Fry said Kohberger acted alone in an interview with Fox News' Cristina Corbin.

officers took Kohberger into guardianship in Scranton,Pa., in the early hours of Friday morning. Police say he was a graduate pupil at Washington State University and that he'd been living in Pullman at the time. He's in Monroe County, Pennsylvania jail while staying to be extradited to Idaho.

Grace further anatomized the suspect, restrained after staying over a month for answers into the Idaho murders.

" He did not go in to steal. He did not go in to rape anybody. He went into that home with the intent to kill," Grace said.

" Take a look at this joe. Would it surprise you to see him, that face gaping in your restroom window? Because it would not surprise me."

Kohberger was reportedly studying to get aPh.D. in felonious justice and had formerly entered a master's degree in criminology. Grace stressed his education as a noteworthy disclosure.

This joe has got a master's degree in criminology. He is presently working on aPh.D. in felonious justice. Yet he drove the flight auto all the way and situated it outside of Mommy's house. Are you kidding me?" she said.

" Another thing we know about this joe. He has been described as obsessively vegan to the point that he made his parents get relieve of their pots and kissers ," the Fox Nation host added." He's compulsive. He's finical. He is about six bases altitudinous. He is socially awkward. He planned this whole thing."

Kohberger is charged with four counts of murder and felony burglary for allegedly pecking to death four University of Idaho scholars Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20.

Grace claimed it's likely Kohberger got relieve of the armament saying," I suppose he studied long enough getting his master's and soon hisPh.D. in criminology to know to get relieve of the murder armament."

Other questions about the murders remain.

" From the progeny- go, we said a joker between 25 and 38 to 40. A white joker, because people typically kill within their own race. Single, which he is. As a matter of fact, there is no suggestion of a gal andex-fiancee. Indeed a high academy gal hasn't been dug up yet," Grace said." So is this joe an incel? What was his provocation?"

Grace also raised an eyebrow at the fact the suspect didn't try to get relieve of the vehicle tied to the disquisition.

" I'm confounded by the fact that he kept the auto," she explained." perhaps you could not explain that down to mammy and daddy. And that auto, as you heard a many twinkles agone , is going to be a treasure trove."

While it's a sign of progress in the disquisition, Grace conceded that no answer or development can ever completely give check after losing a loved- bone .

" There is no similar thing as check," she said." This joe will presumably end up with a life judgment unless a jury comes to their senses and gives him the death penalty. These families, and I know as being a victim of violent crime, you get a life judgment for the rest of your life wondering what your loved one went through at the time of their death."