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11 sectors fell on the stock market in Sunday's session, led by "freight" by 2.6%.

 11 sectors declined on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, during the trading session today, Sunday, led by transport and freight services by 2.6%, followed by the real estate sector by 1.8%, followed by the non-banking financial services sector by 1.7%, and the communications, media and information technology sector fell by 1.5%, and the two sectors fell Health care and basic resources decreased by 1.2%, and the tourism and entertainment sector decreased by 1%.

The sectors of food, beverages and tobacco, services and industrial products, cars, and banks declined by 0.8%, 0.6%, and 0.4%, respectively, and finally the building materials sector by 0.1%, while 4 sectors increased, namely: contracting and engineering construction, textiles and durable goods, and paper and materials. Packaging, and educational services increased by 1.1%, 0.8%, 0.7%, and 0.01%, respectively, while the trade and distributors sector stabilized.


The Egyptian Stock Exchange ended Sunday’s trading session, the beginning of the week’s sessions, with a decline in indices, except for the EGX70 index, due to the sales pressure of foreign dealers, amid high trading, and the market capital lost 9 billion pounds, to close at 1.096 trillion pounds.


The volume of trading in shares amounted to 482 million securities, at a value of 1.5 billion pounds, through the implementation of 65.3 thousand transactions for 203 companies, and the Egyptians’ transactions recorded 90.72% of the total transactions, while foreigners acquired 2.65%, Arabs 6.63%, and institutions acquired 12.28%. Of the transactions in the stock exchange, the rest of the transactions were the share of individuals by 87.71%.


The net transactions of Arab and foreign individuals and Egyptian and foreign institutions tended to sell at a value of EGP 23.9 million, EGP 1.3 million, EGP 39.4 million, and EGP 10.1 million, respectively, while the net transactions of Egyptian individuals and Arab institutions tended to buy at a value of EGP 23.9 million and EGP 25.4 million, respectively. .


The "EGX30" index declined by 0.93% to close at 17326 points, the "EGX50" index fell by 0.88% to close at the level of 2937 points, and the "EGX30 weighted" index decreased by 1.23% to close at the level of 20494 points. The EGX30 total return index decreased by 1.01%, to close at 7133 points.


While the “EGX 70 of equal weights” index rose by 0.36% to close at 3001 points, and the “EGX 100 of equal weights” index fell by 0.22% to close at 4504 points, and the Excellence index increased by 1.30% to close at 3517 points. points, and the Treasury bond index rose by 0.90%, to close at 1266 points.