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Egypt News.. President El-Sisi announces the establishment of an exhibition with names and pictures to reveal the crimes of terrorists

 Al-Youm Al-Sabea published, during the past few hours, a set of important news, on top of which was President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi's announcement of the establishment of an exhibition that includes pictures and names of terrorists, commenting by saying: "In the exhibition, we will show you pictures and names of all the criminals there ... the name and picture of each of the criminals." And President El-Sisi added during the celebration of Martyr’s Day: “Beware of this issue being repeated again.. Beware, Egyptians, of causing the ruin of your country once again. These words were used when the country fell apart in 2011. 2011".. The following is a summary of the most important news.



  Tomorrow, a rise in temperatures, and Shaboura in the morning, and the Great in Cairo, 27 degrees


The Meteorological Authority expects that tomorrow, Friday, a rise in temperatures will prevail, so that hot weather will prevail during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, South Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, warm in the northwestern coasts, warm in the northeastern coasts, hot in southern Upper Egypt, and cold in most parts of the night. .

It is expected that tomorrow will witness a cloud of water in the morning, which will be dense at times, on some roads leading to and from Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, the canal cities, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt.

As for temperatures, tomorrow, Friday: Cairo will have highs of 27 degrees, lows of 14 degrees, Alexandria highs of 23 and lows of 13, Matrouh highs of 21 and lows of 14, Sohag will have highs of 29 and lows of 13, Qena will highs of 30 and lows of 13, and Aswan will highs of 32 degrees. And the lowest is 15 degrees.

  The Prime Minister is following up the executive position of the plans to develop pharmaceutical companies affiliated with the business sector


Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, held a meeting today; To follow up on the executive position of the plans to develop pharmaceutical production companies, affiliated to the Holding Company for Medicines, Chemicals and Medical Supplies, one of the companies of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, in the presence of Eng. Medical Technology, Dr. Tamer Essam, Chairman of the Egyptian Medicines Authority, and Dr. Ashraf El-Khouly, Executive Managing Director of the Holding Company for Medicines, Chemicals and Medical Supplies.


Dr. Mostafa Madbouly indicated, at the outset of the meeting, the state's interest in the pharmaceutical industry, and the endeavor to possess the latest technologies used in this important industry, in a way that contributes to its settlement, and achieving self-sufficiency in high-quality medicine at reasonable prices for various citizens, in implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. In this regard, the President of the Republic pointed to the efforts exerted to provide more facilities and incentives that would increase the percentage of private sector participation in this vital sector.

  "International Astronomy" in the Emirates: Thursday, March 23, the first day of the holy month of Ramadan

The International Astronomy Center in Abu Dhabi announced that the countries that started the month of Sha`ban on Tuesday, February 21, and these countries will investigate the crescent of the blessed month of Ramadan, Tuesday, March 21. While many other countries began the month of Sha'ban on Wednesday, February 22, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Oman, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania, and these countries will investigate the crescent of Ramadan on Wednesday, March 22, corresponding to the twenty-ninth of the month of Sha'ban. According to "Emirates Today" ".

The Director of the International Astronomy Center, Engineer Muhammad Shawkat Odeh, said: “With regard to the countries that will investigate the crescent on Tuesday, March 21, seeing it on that day is impossible because the moon sets before the sun and the conjunction occurs after sunset, and therefore these countries will complete the month of Sha’ban thirty days, to be on Thursday. March 23, the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

     The government warns of voice messages on “WhatsApp” claiming to stop the e-wallet service The center communicated with the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, which denied these reports. The National Authority confirmed that it is not correct to stop the e-wallet service of telecom companies for an indefinite period, and that the circulated voice messages are unfounded, stressing that the e-wallet service operates normally and regularly without any obstacles for all telecom companies, and no instructions or instructions were issued. Decisions by any official authority to stop dealing with them, pointing out the importance of electronic wallets in supporting the efforts of the state and its various institutions in achieving financial inclusion and transformation towards a digital society while preserving the confidentiality and privacy of data and accounts, calling on citizens to call the NTRA hotline "155" in If there are any complaints in this regard. The Central Bank decides to increase the maximum limit for transactions on “Insta-Bay”

Within the framework of implementing the strategy of the National Council for Payments headed by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to support the transformation of the digital economy, and in continuation of efforts to support and stimulate the use of electronic payment methods and channels, the Central Bank of Egypt decided to increase the maximum limits for all transactions on the applications of the real-time payment network (InstaPay) as of March 15, 2023. .


The decision includes increasing the maximum value of a single transaction on the network to 70,000 (seventy thousand) Egyptian pounds, the maximum limit for total daily transactions to 120,000 (one hundred and twenty thousand pounds) Egyptian pounds, and the maximum monthly transactions to 400,000 (four hundred thousand) Egyptian pounds.


The new increases in the maximum limits for transactions come in light of the Central Bank’s follow-up to customer requests, as well as opinion polls on the service, especially with the great expansion and increasing demand for the real-time payment system (InstaPay) since its launch, as it witnessed the implementation of nearly 16 million instant transfer transactions. With a value of approximately 80 billion pounds through more than 1.8 million customers, in addition to that it is intended to launch more new and innovative services across the system during the coming period.


President El-Sisi honors the families of the martyrs and the injured from Sinai during the educational symposium


President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi honored the families of the martyrs and the injured from Sinai, as part of the activities of the 37th educational symposium on the occasion of Martyr's Day.


President Sisi honored: The injured - Samir Muhammad Salem Suleiman, the name of the martyr - Ali Suleiman Mahmoud Hassan, and his wife and children received the honor.


The Egyptian Armed Forces celebrate Martyr's Day every year on March 9, in order to commemorate the souls of the martyrs and remind them of the sacrifices they made in order to preserve the homeland.


The choice of March 9 of each year came with the anniversary of the martyrdom of Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim Riyad 1969, who set the finest example of being in the front line, and was always in the front ranks, emphasizing the cohesion of the commander with his soldiers in the field.

Poll: 73.4% of females believe that working women should contribute to household expenses


The Information and Decision Support Center at the Council of Ministers conducted an opinion poll during the month of February on a sample of adult citizens in various governorates of the Republic to find out from them their opinions about the extent of the contribution of working women to household expenses, as 65.6% of the citizens surveyed in the sample indicated the need for the contribution of working women With regard to household expenses, compared to 25.5% who saw the opposite, and 6.7% of the citizens in the sample set conditions for this contribution, as they believe that the husband’s financial status determines whether or not the woman contributes to the house. in expenses in support of it, and the poll indicated that 2.2% of the citizens surveyed in the sample did not specify their answer.


The survey showed the opinions of females in the sample, where 73.4% of them supported the need for working women to contribute to household expenses, while this percentage among males reached 57.7%. Male respondents rejected women’s contribution to household expenses by 33.7%, compared to only 17.2% of females.

The survey showed that the lower educational and economic levels and the older age groups (30 years and over) are the ones who see the necessity of working women's participation in household expenses.


Dar Al-Ifta surveys the crescent of the month of Ramadan for the year 1444 AH, on Tuesday, March 21


Dar Al Iftaa surveys the crescent of the blessed month of Ramadan for the year 1444 AH, Tuesday, March 21 of the year 2023, corresponding to the 29th of the month of Sha`ban for the year 1444 AH.


Astronomical calculations indicate that Ramadan 1444 AH will be its first astronomical day on Thursday 3/23/2023 AD.


The crescent of the month of Ramadan will be born immediately after the conjunction occurs, at exactly seven o’clock and 24 minutes in the evening, Cairo local time, on Tuesday, 29 Sha’ban 1444 AH, corresponding to 3/21/2023 AD (the day of sighting).



The Pentagon: Austin praised Egypt's leadership regionally and globally, and extended special thanks to President El-Sisi


The US Department of Defense issued a statement regarding Minister Lloyd Austin's visit to Egypt as part of a regional tour, and his meeting on Wednesday with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Minister of Defense Lieutenant General Mohamed Zaki.


  In its statement, the Pentagon said that Secretary Lloyd Austin assured President Sisi of the United States' commitment to the bilateral relationship with Egypt, and they exchanged views on regional and global security challenges.


  Austin praised Egypt's regional and global leadership, and thanked President Sisi in particular for mediating Palestinian-Israeli tensions. The conversation also touched on the war in Ukraine and its repercussions on the global economy, and the threat posed by this conflict to the international order governed by rules.