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What we realize about the Americans captured in Mexico

 Four U.S. residents were captured in a shameless assault completed by numerous shooters in the northern Mexico line city of Matamoros, the FBI said.

U.S. authorities affirmed on Monday that a Mexican resident was killed in the episode.

Matamoros video shows gunmen loading people into pick-up‏

The Americans went to Matamoros, in Tamaulipas state, opposite Brownsville, Texas, on Friday in a white minivan with North Carolina tags.

The FBI San Antonio Division office said in a proclamation Sunday that the vehicle experienced harsh criticism soon after it entered Mexico.

"Each of the four Americans were set in a vehicle and taken from the scene by equipped men," the workplace said.

The FBI is currently offering a $50,000 prize for the arrival of the people in question and the capture of the guilty parties.

This is the thing we know such a long ways about the case.

What footage and photos from the scene show

A video posted on Twitter on Friday seems to show the second the Americans were hijacked, CBS News reporter Christina Ruffini reports.

In the video, one lady is constrained by men outfitted with weapons to move into the bed of a white pickup truck. The men then, at that point, continue to drag two individuals into the vehicle.

The main lady is strolling and sits toward the rear of the truck; the other two individuals appear to be inert, however their condition is obscure. The video seems to show some of them might be injured.

Photos from the scene saw by the AP show a white minivan with the driver's side window shot and each of the entryways open. The van sits out and about after obviously slamming into a red SUV. The photographs show individuals lying in the road close to the van encompassed by rifle-hauling men.

The photographs appear to match the video posted on the web, which was taken from another point.

What U.S. authorities have said about the episode

U.S. Diplomat to Mexico Ken Salazar said 

in a proclamation Monday that the Americans were captured at gunpoint and that an "guiltless" Mexican resident kicked the bucket in the assault. He offered no extra subtleties, yet said different U.S. policing were working with their Mexican partners to recuperate the missing U.S. residents.

With 4 Americans kidnapped in Mexico, how does U.S. government respond?‏

President Biden was educated about the circumstance, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Monday. She declined to address different inquiries, refering to security concerns.

What were the Americans doing in Matamoros

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Monday that the Americans had crossed the boundary to purchase medication and wound up trapped in the crossfire between two equipped gatherings.

The FBI said the van the casualties were driving Friday conveyed North Carolina tags, yet specialists gave no different insights concerning what their identity was or where they were from.

The U.S. Express Office's tourism warning for Tamaulipas state cautions U.S. residents not to go there. Be that as it may, being a boundary city, U.S. residents who live in Brownsville or somewhere else in Texas often cross to see family, get clinical consideration or shop. It's likewise an intersection point for individuals going to different parts in Mexico.

For years, a night out in Matamoros was likewise essential for the "two-country get-away" for spring breakers rushing to Texas' South Padre Island.

Yet, expanded cartel savagery over the beyond 10 to 15 years has scared away a lot of that business.

What is behind the savagery in Tamaulipas

Matamoros is home to fighting cartel groups. On Friday the U.S. Department gave a caution about a shooting and nearby specialists cautioned individuals to protect set up. The alarm likewise reminded U.S. residents that this specific piece of Mexico is a "Level 4: Don't Travel," which is the most noteworthy admonition in the U.S. Express Division's tourism warning framework.

The department in Matamoros has posted something like four security cautions since February 2020, advance notice of medication cartel viciousness, wrongdoing, kidnappings and conflicts including equipped gatherings.

Three U.S. kin vanished close to Matamoros in October 2014 and were subsequently seen as shot and consumed. They had vanished fourteen days sooner while visiting their dad in Mexico. Their folks said they had been kidnapped by men wearing police outfits recognizing themselves as "Hercules," a strategic security unit in the rough boundary city.

Casualties of savagery in Matamoros and other enormous boundary urban communities of Tamaulipas frequently go uncounted, in light of the fact that the cartels have a background marked by vanishing the collections of their casualties. Nearby media frequently try not to cover such occurrences out of wellbeing concerns.