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Who is the best goalkeeper in the history of Barcelona?

 There have been many talented goalkeepers who have played for Barcelona throughout the club's history, making it difficult to pick just one as the best. However, many fans and experts consider Victor Valdes to be the best goalkeeper in the history of Barcelona.

Victor Valdes

Valdes played for Barcelona for over a decade, from 2002 to 2014, making over 500 appearances for the club. He won numerous titles with Barcelona, including six La Liga titles and three Champions League titles. Valdes was known for his shot-stopping abilities, as well as his distribution and ability to play with his feet, which was particularly important in Barcelona's possession-based style of play.

Valdes also holds several records for Barcelona, including the record for the most appearances by a goalkeeper in club history. He was also named to the UEFA Team of the Year three times and won the Ricardo Zamora Trophy (awarded to the goalkeeper with the lowest goals-to-games ratio in La Liga) five times.

While there have been many great goalkeepers who have played for Barcelona, Victor Valdes is widely considered to be the best due to his longevity, success, and individual achievements with the club.