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Here are 5 cities that are sure to impress visitors with their beauty and cultural significance in 2023
продается 15 March 2023
  I can provide you with a list of some of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world: There are countless beautiful tourist cities in t...
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How China's moving development picture could hit worldwide business sectors
продается 07 March 2023
 China's economy will be compelled to recalibrate in light of a "cracked" worldwide request, and the new drivers of developmen...
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A slight increase in the price of Bitcoin by 0.08% in the last 24 hours
продается 06 March 2023
 Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies saw their prices drop last week, due to a number of changes in the cryptocurrency market, includ...
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The unemployment rate is rarely the canary in a slump coal mine
продается 06 February 2023
  The January jobs report came with a sharp rise in payrolls last week and the unemployment rate dropping to a level not seen in over 50 yea...
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Confidential finance development eased back to 106,000 in January as weather conditions hit recruiting, ADP says
продается 02 February 2023
 Privately owned businesses added only 106,000 new laborers for January, down from an upwardly amended 253,000 the prior month and well bene...
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Major Social Security trust finances could be tapped out by 2033 CBO
продается 23 January 2023
 Social Security's major trust finances could be exhausted by 2033, performing in reduced benefit payments Thenon-partisan Congressional...
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Tesla claims its new solar inverter is much cheaper than the competition
продается 13 January 2023
 Tesla released a white paper on its new string solar inverter and claims that it's much cheaper than contending inverter results from E...
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Amid demand enterprises, Tesla cuts prices by up to$ 13K in US
продается 13 January 2023
 Tesla has largely cut prices across new models in the US( update and Europe), with the largest price drop being on the Model Y, which is no...
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Meta settles Cambridge Analytica scandal for $725 million
продается 26 December 2022
 Facebook proprietor Meta has agreed to pay $725m (£600m) to settle legal action over a data breach  linked to political consultancy Cambrid...
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Shipping companies brace for harsh downtime rainfall with' contingency plans' to help gifts arrive on time for the leaves
продается 21 December 2022
 Despite prognosticated tempestuous rainfall, carriers will transport a combined 100 million packages a day this week leading up to Christma...
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