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Cowhands Doomed by Miscues Against 49ers Defense
продается 23 January 2023
 Dak Prescott’s interception straits continued and Dallas ’ kick missed an redundant point as the cowhands fell to the 49ers in the division...
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Georgia demolishes TCU, sets new CFP record to win back- to- back public crowns
продается 10 January 2023
 An old- fashioned Georgia Bulldogs beatdown redounded in the most points ever scored in a public crown game, as quarterback Stetson Bennett...
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Georgia storms back, edges Ohio State to make CFP title game
продается 01 January 2023
 ATLANTA - - For the main part of the final part of its School Football Season finisher elimination round game against Ohio State, it seemed...
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2023 NBA Mock Draft4.0 After Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson, some movement in the lottery
продается 26 December 2022
LAS VEGAS — The top two spots are likely to stay the same leading up to the 2023 NBA draft, with 7- bottom- 4 French center Victor Wembanyam...
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PHOTOS: Argentina beats France on penalties to win 2022 World Cup
продается 20 December 2022
The 2022 World Cup ends on Sunday with Argentina winning. Argentina got off to a strong start with a 2-0 lead over France, but Frenchman Kyl...
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