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Here are ten Arab cities famous for their beauty
продается 15 March 2023
Many Arab countries are characterized by their ancient history and civilization, and are famous for their beauty and mild weather. Marrakech...
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Egypt News.. President El-Sisi announces the establishment of an exhibition with names and pictures to reveal the crimes of terrorists
продается 09 March 2023
 Al-Youm Al-Sabea published, during the past few hours, a set of important news, on top of which was President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi's an...
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What we realize about the Americans captured in Mexico
продается 07 March 2023
 Four U.S. residents were captured in a shameless assault completed by numerous shooters in the northern Mexico line city of Matamoros, the ...
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Mohamed Salah is the talk of the world.. The Egyptian Ferrari writes history with Liverpool in the English Premier League with 129 goals and snatches the title of the historic scorer for the Reds in the Premier League.. And international newspapers praise his records
продается 06 March 2023
 Egyptian star Mohamed Salah reached his 129th goal, becoming the historic scorer for Liverpool in the English Premier League, after scoring...
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Government spokesman: Implementing summer time saves 10% of energy and electricity consumption.. Nader Saad: The first phase included a gradual transfer of 14 destinations, partially to the Administrative Capital.. and an investment agreement that will encourage Qatari investment in Egypt
продается 01 March 2023
 Minister's Spokesperson: 2000 pounds were spent as a transportation allowance for employees moving to the Administrative Capital   Amba...
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Turkey And Syria Devastated After Deadly Earthquakes | Turkey Earthquake LIVE | Earthquake In Turkey
продается 06 February 2023
 The total death toll from the earthquake that struck at dawn today, Monday, in southern Turkey and northern Syria, has so far exceeded 2,60...
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Biden-McCarthy meeting yields no debt ceiling deal, but speaker says markets should be encouraged
продается 02 February 2023
 WASHINGTON — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he had a "excellent conversation" with President Joe Biden at the White House on W...
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Nearly 220 million people in Pakistan without power after countrywide outage
продается 23 January 2023
 A civil power outage in Pakistan left nearly 220 million people without electricity on Monday, hanging to beget annihilation in the South A...
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Search resumes as Yeti Airlines' fatal crash highlights the dangers of flying in Nepal
продается 16 January 2023
 Hundreds of exigency labor force on Monday proceeded a hunt and recovery charge in Nepal following a deadly aeroplane crash that has former...
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Classified documents from Biden's time as vice chairman discovered at Penn Biden Center, White House says
продается 10 January 2023
 A batch of records from President Biden's time as Vice President, including a" small number of documents with classified markings,...
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Former Pope Benedict XVI asks for remission, thanks God in final published letter
продается 01 January 2023
 Former Pope Benedict XVI, who failed Saturday in a friary in the Vatican at the age of 95, asked for remission for those he has “ wronged ”...
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Nancy Grace dissects exposures from the Idaho murders suspect He went in with the' intent to kill'
продается 01 January 2023
 Now that officers have arrested a suspect in the murder of four University of Idaho scholars, questions impend over Bryan Christopher Kohbe...
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Media meltdown over George Santos, will not admit Biden is periodical fabricator
продается 30 December 2022
He’s not exactly Jefferson Smith from"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," but the capital eventually has a politician who's telling...
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Two New York men arrested for conspiring with Russians to hack JFK hack system
продается 27 December 2022
 Two New York men, Daniel Abayev and Peter Leyman, allegedly worked with Russian hackers to break into JFK's hack dispatch system so the...
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Buffalo blizzard Storm turns megacity into' war zone'
продается 26 December 2022
A severe downtime storm that has swept across North America has left the megacity of Buffalo, New York, looking like a war zone, the state g...
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